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Best Beauty Products FOR THE NEW YEAR

It’s time to meet the hot new releases which are scheduled to be launched in January 2020. These “nothing less than the best” beauty products of the new year, can be found in Myeongdong which is also known as a mecca for Korean beauty products.






Lotte Department Store Main Branch 

Containing 96.9% of Chamomile Mel- Tincture™, an active extract of the rare Scottish Heather Honey,  and organic chamomile flowers to boost the skin’s vitality levels, it provides a healthy-looking glow and balanced complexion.  Toner 150ml, KRW 95,000/ Essence 50ml, KRW 150,000/ Cream 50ml, KRW 140,000


Address 30, Eulji-ro,  Jung-gu, Seoul 

Inquiries +82-2-772-3154

Myeongdong Store No. 1 
The pop-art design of Bouffants & Broken Hearts, a brand by  American illustrator Kendra Dandy,  has been filled in the package and the powder puffs. 15g, KRW 21,800 
Address 43-1, Myeongdong 8-gil,  Jung-gu, Seoul
Inquiries +82-2-318-7871

3. BULY 1803 
Lotte Department Store Main Branch 
This special New  Year’s package contains 12 sprays, of which 6 are the most beloved signature fragrances of the Eau  Triple, the first water-based perfumes originally created by Buly 1803.
Address 30, Eulji-ro,  Jung-gu, Seoul 
Inquiries +82-2-772-3455

Myeongdong  World  Top Pharmacy 
A disposable refresh gel feminine cleanser that can be used anytime, anywhere, without water in 3 seconds, in hygienic individual packaging.  Alleviates odor, enhances hygiene, and hydrates at the same time.  1.6ml*2pcs/ 8pcs 
Address  World  Top Pharmacy,  9th Floor,  30, Eulji-ro,  Jung-gu, Seoul

Myeongdong Branch No.1 
A highly moisturizing hand cream provides deep nourishment and leaves a delicate fragrance as if it has been sprayed with perfume.  Available in 2 types: #01 Green Musk and #02  Vanilla & Iris. 50ml, KRW 12,000 
Address 29, Myeongdong-gil,  Jung-gu, Seoul
Inquiries +82-2-318-6577

Shinsegae Department Store Myeongdong  Main Branch
Inspired by the  “Origami”, the collection features vivid and deeply colored items. Includes a rich lipstick with a matte texture and high pigmentation, a pure color blush, eye shadows, etc. 
Address 77,  Toegye-ro,  Jung-gu, Seoul
Inquiries +82-2-6370-4228

7 CHOSUNGAH BEAUTY Myeongdong Store No. 2 
120 bottles of Propolis Honey Serum have been flocculated in a stick, to help create a radiant, vibrant skin, even in the bitter cold weather.  10g, KRW 40,000 
Address 40, Myeongdong 4-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
Inquiries +82-2-318-7400

8 ISA KNOX Nature Collection Myeongdong Jungang-ro Branch Nature Collection
 Prebiotics ingredients have been formulated into the lactic acid bacteria and the Centella asiatica extract, to enhance the natural health of the skin and offer anti-aging care. 35ml *2, Price unknown
Address 10-1, Myeongdong 8-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
Inquiries +82-2-318-3908

11 DONGINBI Lotte Department Store Main Branch
It is a special set containing Red Ginseng Power Repair Condensed Essence, that has been launched to celebrate the new year.  It is comprised of the original essence and miniature toner, emulsion and cream.  KRW 290,000 
Address 30, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 

12 SHISEIDO Lotte Department Store Main Branch
The emulsion, cream, and enriched cream closely treat signs of skin aging, including blemishes and freckles, and also,  improve skin tone and texture. Emulsion 75ml, KRW 125,000/ Cream 50ml, KRW 140,000/  Enriched Cream 50ml, KRW 140,000
Address B1, 30, Eulji-ro,  Jung-gu, Seoul
Inquiries +82-2-772-3144

9. O HUI Lotte Department Store Main Branch
Inspired by the “Sapphire  Tiara”,  a symbol of love, purity, and promise, this highly concentrated total eye care product edition is designed to moisturize and revitalize the eye area. 55ml, KRW 210,000
Address 30, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Inquiries +82-2-772-3622

10 YUNJAC Shinsegae Department Store Myeongdong Branch 
In celebration of the 1st anniversary of the  Whole Plant Effect, the  40ml  Whole Plant Effect Concentrate and the 25ml  Whole Plant Effect Essential Cream have been packed in a luxurious package. KRW 98,000 
Address 77,  Toegye-ro,  Jung-gu, Seoul
Inquiries +82-2-6370-4321

13 DECORTE Lotte Department Store Main Branch
Liposome capsules equivalent to a half-bottle of the original  “Moisture Liposome”,  as well as skin vitalizing ingredients, have been packed generously into a single mask. 20ml*6sheets, KRW 85,000 
Address B1, 30, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 

14 ARITAUM Live Myeongdong Branch 
It is a texture pencil with soft color for naturallooking eyebrows. Available in 5 colors: light brown, brown, deep brown, grey brown, and dark brown. 1.14g, KRW 8,500 
Address 34-1, Myeongdong 8-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
Inquiries +82-2-318-2784

15 ESPOIR Myeongdong UNESCO Branch 
 The fresh red color looks as if a drop of  yellow has been dropped on the red, making it perfect for both warm and cool tone skin.  3.7g, KRW 20,000 
Address 29-3, Myeongdong 1-ga,  Jung-gu, Seoul
Inquiries +82-2-3789-2250