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News for those who are wondering around to find a fresh and special new year’s gift. January, the protagonist for the first capsule collection is





Puzzle Bag, the iconic bag which creative director Jonathan Anderson featured for the first time after he joined LOEWE. 

Hammock Bag which the shape can be changed into various silhouette. 




LOEWE William de Morgan Capsule Collection 

LOEWE, the reputable family of Spanish leather that has 170 years of tradition, has launched a capsule collection called “William de Morgan” to get ready for 2020 resort season.


“Every year,  I’ve worked with heroes in art and crafts.  This capsule collection that was done with William de Morgan was very natural process.  William de Morgan was a very important figure in the movement of art crafts and also was a true idealist”.  Like Jonathan  Anderson, the creative director of  LOEWE has said,  LOEWE’s signature bags such as Gate, Hammock, Puzzle are newly created through creatures or floral arabesque drawing that are found in the fantasy of  William de Morgan.  William de Morgan, the ceramist born in Britain, is widely known for his distinctive tile design.  William de Morgan capsule collection, the sensuous and harmonious combination of impactful color and floral pattern which gives you some visual enjoyment, can be seen at every LOEWE store in Korea.  Inquiries +82-2-6905-3470













Goldfish Capsule Collection 

A thing that you want to give the men you love as a present. DUNHILL, the leader in luxurious British men outfit brands, features Goldfish Capsule Collection.  


Goldfish Capsule Collection was created through the inspiration taken from exquisite work named “Red Goldfish” which was spotted at humidor, cigarette case or pen stand made by DUNHILL.  This year’s goldfish design was printed in digital form and was presented on ready-made clothes that includes leather bomber,  short parka, sweatshirt or T-Shirts.  The collection is featured through DUNHILL’s signature leather collection which includes new belt bag, sling bag and phone holder.  Special gold printing technique was used to give sophisticatedness and deepness to the archive goldfish motif.  Especially, take a close look at the goldfish and consider it as a new year’s gift item as the gold fish represents luck, health and happiness.